Furniture rental provides you with minimum risk and maximum flexibility. As an expatriate living in Malaysia, you may not want the hassle of shopping around for all your household items. We provide you with a one-stop “door-to-door” service that gives you total convenience while you enjoy your stay here.

Call us for a free consultation and discover the advantages of renting.

Professional consultation & space planning assistance Special assistance programs not always available
  Relocation assistance   Not available
  48-hour delivery   Delivery can take up to 12 weeks or longer
  Personal Service Guarantee   Satisfaction not always guaranteed
  Short & long term leases available   Not available
  Rental payments are usually tax deductible   Interest may not be deductible
  Minimal capital outlay   Requires significant capital investment
  We maintain and repair the furniture   Owner is responsible for upkeep and repairs
  Furniture may be rented individually or as a package   Maximum Commitment
  Add-ons and purchase options are always available   Maximum Commitment
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